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Title: Every Jrocker has a secret
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Rating: NC 17
Genre: Smut
Summary: Every Jrocker have a secret
Reita has one and he wants to keep it that way, but what happens when Ruki is
And when Reita is starting to realize that he has feelings for the vocalist

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Title: I know you are showing your love for me but please show our love too
Pairing: KaixNao
Rating: PG - NC 17
Genre: Angst Drama
Summary: Kai and Nao has a relationship together but the problem is that Kai don't really want to show it in public and even their bandmates dosen't know anything about them and it's hurting Nao

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Title: Explain to me before you break me mentally and physically
Genre: Angst Drama
Pairing: MikuxBou
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Why don't we have anymore contact?
Miku can't take it any longer since Bou quite the band, he needs him back

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One Shot

Titel: A little bit of confidence
Rating: NC: 17
Genre: Smut
Pairings: KaixRuki
Summary: Why is Kai in such a good mood the day before valentine?
Will Ruki
admit that he has feelings for their drummer?

(Of course it dose, you are fucking my butt...)

Titel:Sweet love
Paring: MikuxBou
Rating: NC 17
Genre: Smut Fluff
Summary: Finally Miku and Bou go out together, but will everything become so successful?

Please help me
Hii guys I need help! The thing is that the author bluberrygonuts have a fanfic “The Other- Half” that I really want to read but the thing is that I can't find the chapters for it, only the last chapter and I have been leaving comments to her but I won’t get any answers. Do you know how I can find them or if you have them? If you can help me, please do! I really want to read it Thanks for reading

All I want for Christmas is Yuu
Title: All I want for Christmas is Yuu
Author: Emmzidance
Pairing: AoixKai
Rated: NC:17
Genre: Romance Smut
Summary: It's Christmas and how will these two lovebirds spend it together?
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Waking up to see the snow falling outside the window and hearing the sound of your lover's breathe next to you.

Kai smiled when he looked over to his lover, Aoi was holding him in his arms protectively.

Kai cuddled closer and he couldn't take his eyes off his lover’s lips.

Thinking about what those lips did to him last night, made him blush while gently stroking them with his fingers absent mindedly.

He believed that he was the luckiest person in the world to have this angel next to him.

Last night he had given up his virginity to Aoi.

And he was happy that he had done it.

Words could not express what he felt. It was the best feeling ever.

The intimacy between them, the pleasure they shared and the heat.

Aoi called it his advanced “Christmas present”.

Kai couldn't help but laugh softly looking back at the memory.

He slowly pulled himself out of the embrace, wrapped his robe around himself and made his way to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

When the breakfast was done he placed it on a tray and walked back in to the bedroom to see his lover sleeping peaceful.

He crawled on to the bed then placed the tray on his lap and captured Aoi’s lips for a chaste kiss.

After a few minutes the kiss was lazily returned.

Kai felt a hand on his head which pulled him closer to deepen the kiss.

A small moan left Kai's lips when Aoi nibbled on his bottom lip, and sucked on it gently.

"Good morning gorgeous." Aoi said in a hoarse voice.

"Morning and Merry Christmas" Kai replied.

Aoi smiled and pulled him for an embrace and whispered softly in his ear.

"Merry Christmas and thanks for the Christmas present." Aoi purred and nibbled on Kai's ear that made the drummer blush.

"Hush with you! I made some breakfast."

Aoi smiled and kissed the drummer on the lips one more time before pulling the tray off Kai's lap to put it on his own and took a bite and hummed.

"So good~"

Aoi took another bite and pulled Kai closer to him.

He fed him with his mouth and the drummer happily accepted the treat.

After they were done Aoi put the tray aside and pulled the drummer towards him.

"What do you feel like doing today my love?"

Kai laid his head on his lover’s toned chest.

He buried his face and gave small kisses all over it.

"I wanna stay in bed a while longer."

"I love the sound of that." Aoi smirked and pulled in the drummer for a long and passionate kiss.

Kai hummed and kissed back with all the love he felt for the guitarist.

Aoi broke the kiss and kissed Kai's nose and smiled warmly.

"Do you know how beautiful you are? How amazing you are? And how that smile of yours makes me wanna kiss you all night?"

Kai didn't have the time to answer when Aoi kissed him all over again and his fingers started to lightly play over the drummer’s chest.

Kai gasped into Aoi's lips and straddled his lover with a playful smile.

He pushed his hips against the guitarist causing a moan to fall from the other’s lips.

Aoi's hands travelled down to Kai's hips and rubbed his thumbs over the soft skin.

Kai bent down and kissed his lover hard.

He pushed his hips harder against his lover’s making him moan in to the kiss.

Aoi pushed back against him and kissed down Kai's neck, slowly pushing the robe down his shoulders.

"You are so beautiful." Aoi whispered.

Kai whined when Aoi firmly held his hips so he couldn't move.

Aoi turned them over so Kai was now was lying on his back with a very much naked Aoi hovering over him which made Kai blush.

"You were so shy and now after one night you are all aggressive?"

Kai only smiled and spread his legs for the guitarist who made himself comfortable in between them.

"It's all your fault."

"My fault?" Aoi asked amused.

"You are the one that makes my body feel like its on fire when I’m close to you."

Aoi smirked and pulled Kai's robe down all the way and threw it on the floor, Aoi eyes swept across Kai's pale skin.

Aoi bent over Kai and took the lube from the nightstand, his eyes never leaving Kai's.

Kai was lost in them.

Those chocolate brown eyes filled with so much love and tenderness. It was the first thing that Kai had fallen for on the day they first met.

He was brought back to reality when he felt a sudden sting.

A small whimper escaped his lips when Aoi's lubed finger started worked its way in and out of his tight hole.

Aoi left feather light kisses all over the drummer’s face in apology for the pain he had caused his lover.

Soon two more fingers were added making Kai moan.

Aoi pulled his fingers out and slowly pushed in.

Kai cried out in pain and buried his face in his lover’s neck.

The previous night Kai was a bit surprised when he saw how big his lover was, not that he was complaining. Not at all.

The pain soon turned to pleasure and every time Aoi hit the right spot a moan fell from Kai's lips.

He couldn't believe why he never had sex before. It felt amazing.

The speed increased and Kai couldn't help but sound like a wanton whore begging for more with every thrust which had Aoi moaning in his neck.

They switched positions and Kai was riding him hard and fast.

Kai knew he wouldn't be able to walk straight the next days or even weeks but this pleasure was oh so worth it.

Aoi placed his hands on both sides of the drummer's hips and helped him to move faster.

Beads of sweat began to trickle down Kai's forehead, his breathing becoming heavier.

Aoi calling out his name sounded like music to his ears.

He was close. So close.

He felt a burning pleasure in his stomach and came with a scream spilling all over Aoi's stomach.

Aoi quickly made Kai lay down on bed and began pounding in to him with a crazy rhythm that made Kai whimper every time Aoi entered him.

Soon Kai felt his lover’s seeds spill in side of him. Aoi moaning loudly in to his ear.

When Aoi tried pulling out Kai stopped him.

"Can we stay like this a little longer?" he asked.

Aoi smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Of course love."

They stayed like for a while.

After they both caught they’re breathes they cuddled up against each other and without knowing, minutes turned to hours and it was already dark.

Kai kissed Aoi softly and whispered against his lips,

"Let's go and watch a movie. I’ll make us something warm to drink."

Aoi nodded with a smile and kissed Kai's noise.

They both took a shower, dressed up in warm pajamas and a few minutes later they sat in the living room with two cups of hot chocolate.

Kai was sitting in his lover lap, all cuddled up and enjoying the movie.

"You want your present?" Aoi whispered in to Kai’s ear and pulled out a package for the drummer that made Kai raise an eyebrow.

"I thought we wouldn't give each other anything this year."

Aoi smirked and pulled softly on Kai's ear with his lip.

"Well, I couldn't help myself. Now open it!"

Kai took off the wrapping paper and his eyes widened with a smile on his lips.

There was a wonderful necklace with a red stone.

It looked like pure blood.

"You like it?" Aoi asked and pulled Kai closer to him.

"I love it, it's beautiful! Thank you so much."

Kai gave Aoi one of his sunshine smiles and kissed him on the lips, Aoi hummed in to the kiss and when the kiss broke Aoi took the necklace from Kai's hands and tied it around his neck.

He then gave small kisses starting from the neck up to the drummer's ear.

Kai blushed and took his hand over the necklace with a smile.

"I love you so much Kai."

"I know you do my love, and I love you too."

"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Yuu."

Nothing mattered as long as they had each other.

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I know you are showing your love for me but please show our love too
Titel: I know you are showing your love for me but please show our love too
Beta: Toxic-duckybear
Pairing: KaixNao
Rating: PG 13 - NC 17
Chapter: 2
Warning: Angst Smut
Summary: Kai and Nao has a relationship together but the problem is that Kai don't really want to show it in public and even their bandmates dosen't know anything about them and it's hurting Nao.


When they entered the kitchen Kai searched for the ingredients for their dinner while Nao took out the cutting board and began chopping vegetables.
It was still dark in their apartment.
The dim light in the kitchen filled the room with a cozy feeling.
You could hear the knife hit against the cutting board when Nao made the salad and the sound of boiling water on the stove which was for the rice.
Nao's thoughts came back to their album.
He and the others had only decided what order the songs would be in and they still needed to choose a cover for the album.
Nao still hadn't told Kai about going out of town for a week for his tour.
Kai had been very busy with their new single they were working on so Nao didn't want to disturb him.
In the beginning when he came home Kai was completely worn out so Nao didn't get a chance to talk to him but as the days passed by Nao tried his best to talk to him but Kai always came home late and Nao had already fallen asleep and in the mornings when Nao tried to talk his boyfriend was always a bit stressed and even when Kai dropped him to the studio it was no use.

Nao remembered the time his father had called him up when Alice Nine and GazettE were out together for dinner in a restaurant after practice.
Nao's dad had called him and scolded him for being a shame to their family when he had seen their new PV.
After the call Nao excused himself to go to the bathroom and as soon as he locked the door behind him he broke down and started to cry after a while he heard a knock on the door.
He stood up and walked to the mirror to see his eyes being swollen and red.
He wiped away the tears that fell down on his cheeks and walked to the door and opened it to see Kai looking uneasily at him.

"Nao you okay?"

Nao nodded his head and was about to walk out of the room but was stopped by
Kai's arms blocking his way.

"I heard you cry" Kai said and looked at Nao's eyes.

Nao could feel tears flowing down his cheeks again.
Kai stroke his bangs from his eyes.

"You can tell me Nao" Kai whispered

Nao bit his bottom lip and told Kai what his father had told him on the phone.
It ended with him having hiccups.
Kai hugged him comfortingly and whispered soothing words in his ear.
Nao felt safe in Kai's arms and was about to kiss him but to his surprise Kai released him and walked a few steps away.
Nao looked questioningly at Kai but then he saw Hiroto who was walking towards them.

"Nao where have you been-" Hiroto stopped when he saw those red eyes.

It ended with the three of them walking back to the table where Nao told them about his phone call.
Everyone at the table were pissed at his father and told him not waste his energy and just be who he is.
Nao was very happy to have such good friends and smiled at them and whispered a thank you.
Kai and Nao sat next to each other.
Nao put his hand under the table and was about to hold Kai's hand but Kai quickly withdrew his hand when he realized what Nao was trying to do and started going through the menu.
His father had hurt him but it was nothing compared to the pain he felt when his boyfriend hurt him when he needed him the most.

Nao's thoughts were interrupted when he felt a sudden pain in his finger and looked down to see drops of blood dripping from the knife that he had forgotten about.

"Damn it"

"Nao?" Asked Kai and raised an eyebrow.

"It's nothing I just cut myself" Nao muttered and watched the blood begin to flow.

Kai walked over to Nao and hugged him from behind and watched the bloody finger.
He took his hand in his and softly kissed his finger and then took it in his mouth and sucked gently.
Nao could feel himself blush when he saw Kai's lips around his finger sucking it.
He looked away.
Kai smiled when he saw Nao's face and kissed his forehead.
Kai went over to the stove and opened the slot which was on top and took out a patch from a box and returned to his boyfriend who's cheeks were still red.
It made him laugh a bit and took his hand again and put a plaster around the wound and kissed his finger lovingly that caused Nao to look away to hide his face.
Kai laughed again and it made Nao's heart beat faster.
Kai ruffled Nao's hair and then began to put the food on the table that he finished cooking while Nao was lost in his thoughts.

"You can go and sit down I can take care of the salad." Kai said with a smile on his face.

Nao nodded and sat at the table.
He looked at Kai when he got the salad and wiped the cutting board where Nao's “accident” occurred.
After a while they both sat together at the kitchen table and started eating chicken stew and rice.
They ate in silence.
Nao looked up at Kai who smiled at him.

"Kai we are going on a small tour and I will be back in a week."

Kai raised an eyebrow at that.

To be continued

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A little bit of confidence
Titel: A little bit of confidence
Author: Emmzidance
Beta: Sorrowofanangel
Chapter: One Shot
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC: 17
Warnings: Smut
Pairings: KaixRuki
Summary: Why is Kai in such a good mood the day before valentine?
Will Ruki admit that he has feelings for their drummer?
Comment: I have a late valentine fanfiction for you guys!
I really hope you like it, please comment it would mean a lot to me ^ ^
And thanks to my friend Sorrowofanangel for being my beta, love you hun!

“Okay guys see you later!” Kai said with a smile and walked out of the studio.
Ruki sighed as he put the microphone on the stall and drew his hand through his hair while looking around in the room,
”So what are you guys going to do on Valentine’s?” Aoi asked while he put his guitar back in its case,
”Drinking.” Uruha said and sat down on the couch with a bottle of water in his hand,
”How romantic.” Reita laughed while he put his bass down on its place,
”You know me; alcohol and me are one together.”
”We don’t need information on your love life.” Aoi laughed while going to the door with his bag on the shoulder,
”I will see you in two days punks!” he said before leaving.
Ruki had a smile on his lips while he took all the papers he had left on the table,
”So what are you going to do tomorrow Ruki?” Reita asked,
”There's nothing to do when you don’t have a person to celebrate it with, so I will just take it easy and write some music.”
”I don’t even understand why we have a day off anyway.” Uruha mumbled,
”Well, it was Kai’s idea.” Ruki yawned,
”Maybe he has a lover to spend the night with.” Reita grinned.
Ruki raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest,
”I don’t think so.”
”We don’t know that for sure Ruki.” Uruha said and stood up from the couch,
”Whatever, it’s not like it’s my problem.” Ruki said and grabbed his jacket,
”Someone is jealous!” Reita laughed,
”Fuck off, I’m just tired.” Ruki growled,
”Ruki needs to get laid.” Uruha sang.
Ruki turned around and glared at Uruha,
”One more word and I will kick your ass so hard that you can’t sit for weeks.”
”Reita I’m scared!” Uruha said and hid himself behind their bassist with a playful smile on his lips, Reita couldn’t help but laugh,
”You guys are so annoying.” Ruki said and rolled his eyes while walking to the door,
”Don't have a too rough night tomorrow.” Uruha winked, making Ruki snort before closing the door behind him.
Ruki drew up the jacket to his neck when he stepped outside in the cold, while walking to his car.
When he got in the car he threw his bag on the other passenger seat and started the car; driving to the city to buy a new notebook.
It was already dark outside when he stepped out of the car and walked into one of his favourite shops, walking to his section and looking at the different sets of notebooks.
After a few minutes he was walking to the checkout and paying for it.
When he was outside walking to his car, he passed a café, stopping and looking through the window at the cakes; licking his lips when he saw one that he liked.
He pulled out his packet of cigarettes and lighted one while looking at it and took a deep drag.
Had Kai found someone?
No way; he couldn’t have. But at the same time their leader had been in a good mood more than usual.
Not that it has something to do with him but he couldn’t help but wonder if he had found himself a girlfriend.
And the thought of their leader having a relationship bugged him more then he wanted to admit.
Frowning and throwing the cigarette on the pavement, Ruki walked into the café; going to the girl behind the desk that was smiling at him,
”How can I help you sir?”
”I want to buy one of the cakes over there.” Ruki said and pointed to a chocolate brown cake that had strawberries over it.
The girl nodded and brought the cake and put it in a pink box,
”I hope it’s okay that the box is pink.” the girl laughed softly and took the money that was handed over to her,
”I’ll survive.” Ruki said and gave a small smile,
”I’m sure your girlfriend will be happy.”
”Who said I have a girlfriend?” Ruki raised an eyebrow,
”Or a boyfriend it doesn’t matter.” she smiled,
”Are you telling me I look gay?” Ruki asked and crossed his arms over his chest,
”No sir, I’m sorry.” she said and looked down with a small blush on her cheeks.
Ruki glared at her and took the bag, walking to the exit.
It was darker outside and a bit colder when Ruki made his way to his car.
He put the package on the passenger seat next to him and turned on the engine, driving away.
Ruki couldn’t understand why Kai gave them two days off when they didn’t celebrate it; he didn't complain about it at all, it just meant he could sleep longer.
Was it true that Kai had found someone?
Maybe that was one of the reasons.
He stopped in front of a stoplight and watched a couple walking across the street hand in hand that made Ruki frown.
He didn’t have time for this thing called love.
It was ridiculous.
Everything about Valentine’s was ridiculous.
And he didn’t know how the hell he ended up outside Kai’s door.
He licked his lips and knocked on the door, waiting a few seconds before Kai opened with a shocked face,
”Ruki, what are you doing here?”
”Had nothing better to do so I stopped by.”
Ruki didn’t wait to be invited in and went past Kai into the hallway and looked around,
”Are you expecting a visitor?”
”No, not really”
”Then why have you been decorating?”
”It’s Valentine’s tomorrow” Kai smiled,
”You have a date?” Ruki asked and raised an eyebrow,
”Why do you ask-- is that a cake box?”
Ruki looked down at the bag in his hand,
”Yeah I thought we could have something to eat”
Kai took the bag from the singer and walked into the kitchen,
”Ah, you bought a Valentine’s cake!”
”Do you have a problem with that?”
”No, I really like it” Kai said and smiled.
Ruki couldn’t help the small smile that formed on his lips.
Kai split a piece of the cake on two plates and walked in with them to the living room.
They sat down on the couch with the plates in their laps.
”So have you planed anything for Valentine’s?” Kai asked while he started eating on the cake,
”That wonderful thing called sleep.” Ruki said while pointing the fork in front of Kai’s face.
”You haven’t changed.” Kai laughed,
”What, are you saying I’m not romantic?” Ruki raised an eyebrow and took a bit of the cake,
”Of course you are.” Kai said sarcastically,
”I knew you would understand me.”
Kai just shook his head at their singer and the room became quiet, the only thing you could hear was their forks touching the plates and their breathing.
They didn’t turn on the TV; instead enjoying each other’s company.
Ruki found himself watching the drummer more than he should when he was eating, and now he could feel his pants getting a bit too tight for his comfort when he saw the pink tongue licking its way out on the fork to get the last bit of the chocolate that was stuck.
Was Kai doing this on purpose?
Kai couldn’t miss that he was looking at him.
Ruki crossed his legs and looked away, making Kai smile,
”Ruki you have something on your cheek.”
Ruki looked at him before wiping his fingers carelessly across his face, making Ruki frown.
Kai couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.
”You just made it worse now…”
Kai put the plate down on the table and moved closer, smoothing his finger over Ruki’s cheek and removing the chocolate.
Ruki stared at their drummer while Kai just smiled back and took his finger to his mouth and sucked it.
Ruki feel his cheek getting warm and his eyes travelled to the lips that were smiling teasing at him.
Without Ruki realizing it he leaned forward and embraced the drummer’s lips with his, their lips did just touch each other for a few seconds before Ruki pulled back and stared at him.
Kai smiled and put his hand behind the singer’s head and kissed him slowly.
Ruki had his eyes closed while his hands were searching for a place to rest on; ending up on the drummer’s shoulders.
Kai brought their bodies closer together that made Ruki moan in the kiss.
Kai took his hands under the singer’s shirt and massaged the tummy softly, the kiss got deeper between them.
Ruki licked on the others lip asking for entrance and Kai obeyed without any problems, their tongues were battling against each other.
Kai moved his hands over his chest and massaged his nipples roughly that made Ruki break the kiss to moan against the others lips and rested his head on the drummer’s shoulders.
Kai pulled his hands out of the singer’s shirt and took it off, throwing it on the couch and then trailed his mouth up Ruki’s chest and started sucking on the right nipple,
”Fuck.” Ruki moaned and threw his head back while taking his hands in the drummer’s hair, puling on it.
Kai used his teeth to bite down on the nipple hard but not so it would leave marks.
After a moment he moved to the other and gave it the same treatment.
Ruki straddled Kai and pressed their hips together that made Kai moan against Ruki’s nipple and thrust back.
He moved his lips to the singer’s neck and sucked lightly before trailing his tongue up to his ear and licking the earlobe before biting down on it.
The drummer couldn’t help the smile that was forming on his lips when he felt hands pulling on his pants.
He pulled the hands away and put Ruki down on the couch, laying over him and kissing him hard.
Ruki moaned when he felt hands on his belt that was ripped off of him and a few seconds later he felt his zipper being pulled down.
Ruki was panting when Kai broke the kiss; he linked his arms around the drummer’s neck and held his breath when he felt a hand working its way down his pants and towards his underwear.
Kai stroked Ruki’s cock lazily and looked up at the singer's face.
He took in everything on the singer's face, the red swollen lips and his half closed eyes that were looking at him in pure lust,
”Kai...” Ruki panted while he pulled him closer to him,
”Yes?” the drummer whispered and started to stroke him faster that made it harder for Ruki to hold in the sounds,
”D-Don’t you dare stop…”
”I’m not planning to.”
They kissed each other passionately, tongues playing with each other’s,
Ruki took his hands under Kai’s shirt, stroking his chest and exploring it while he felt his cock getting pumped harder, the room soon filling with Ruki’s moans.
Kai smiled at the scene he had in front of him.
The singer of GazettE that was always calm and collected was now a writhing mess under him.
He moved his fingers that were covered in cum down the singers cock and a bit lower, easily slipping a finger in that made Ruki bite down on his lower lip.
Kai slowly started to move his finger inside him; Ruki was trying to take deep breaths every time the finger was shoved back in.
After a few moments he felt a second finger slide in with the other and hell, it felt good.
Kai increased the speed with his fingers. Ruki broke the kiss, breathing hard; his chest was rising up and down while he looked at the drummer with his mouth open in an attempt to recover from the lack of air.
Ruki whined when he felt the third finger slide in but started to moan when Kai moved them harder together.
Ruki closed his eyes and started to thrust up against the fingers,
”If you stop now I will fucking kill you.” Ruki growled
“Yeah, you’re really romantic.” Kai said sarcastically and rolled his eyes
He bent down and embraced Ruki’s lips with his and pulled his fingers out that caused the singer to whine in protest.
Kai stroke his cock a few times before he guided it to the singer’s entrance and slowly pushed in, Ruki cried out from the pain; it felt like Kai was ripping Ruki's body apart.
Kai was slowly thrusting all the way in while Ruki was biting his lip so hard it started to bleed.
When Kai was all the way in he paused so the singer could get used to the feeling before he started to move.
It was hard not to just flip him over and take him right there and then against the couch, but he didn’t have the heart to.
He opened his eyes, not realizing he had closed them in the first place, and looked down at Ruki; the singer had blood running down his lip.
Kai stroke his thumb over the wound that made Ruki open his eyes.
They looked at each other; Ruki was breathing heavily while Kai smiled warmly at him as he stroked his cheek.
They kept looking at each other before Ruki looked away with a small blush on his cheeks,
“You can move now.”
Kai nodded and stroked the singer's hair out of his sweaty face behind his ears.
Kai linked their fingers together and started to move slowly in and out of the singer.
Ruki hooked his legs around the drummer’s hips to bring them closer together,
“Faster.” Ruki whispered in Kai’s ear and the drummer happily completed.
Ruki moaned when Kai slammed their hips together faster and harder.
Both of them were moaning and breathing heavily while they looked at each other, never breaking the eye contact.
“Oh God… this feels good.”
“Of course it does, your fucking my butt.” Ruki said out of breath
Kai couldn't help but chuckle,
“You have your pride, I see.”
Before Ruki could comment Kai thrust a bit harder that made his head bump into the armrest.
Ruki looked up at the drummer and all Kai could see was pleasure, need and… love?
That made Kai give his everything and moved harder and faster into the singer; and God Ruki’s voice had never sounded so good to his ear, so pure and innocent.
The couch was moving and Ruki's voice got louder and louder with every thrust, his eyes where half open while watching the drummer work his way to orgasm,
”Touch me… ”
Kai released Ruki's hand and took his own around Ruki’s cock; stroking it fast and hard, just like his thrusts.
Both of them where a moaning mess and just after a few seconds Ruki was screaming Kai’s name as he came all over the drummer’s hand and stomach, Kai was still thrusting into the singer's body working to get his release.
Ruki's body shook with every thrust and was doing his best to keep his eyes open to see Kai.
And after a few more thrusts the drummer was moaning Ruki’s name as he filled the singer’s body.
He fell on top of Ruki, both trying to get their breath back.
The minutes passed and the room was quiet; all you could hear was the steady breathing between the two males.
Kai was about to pull out of the singer’s body but was stopped,
”Don’t pull out yet… I want to stay like this for a while.”
The drummer smiled at the singer and kissed his cheek,
”You are much better than a cake or chocolate.” Kai said while stroking Ruki’s dirty hair.
”Why have you been so happy this last week?” Ruki asked and felt his cheeks warm up of Kai’s comment.
”What do you mean?”
”I thought you had a date or something...”
”I can't be happy just because it's Valentine’s?” Kai laughed softly stroking his finger over the singer’s lips, Ruki bit it softly.
”Do you have anyone special to your heart?”
”Yes and he is a hell of a little brat but you can’t help but love him no matter what.”
”I hope you aren’t talking about me.”
”Oh, but I am.”
”But none of that applies to me.”
”Can’t you just accept that someone loves you?”
Ruki bit his lip and looked to the side,
”I guess I’m just afraid to get heartbroken in the end.”
Kai took Ruki’s chin under his finger, making the singer look into his eyes,
”Ruki I would never do that. I only tell people that I love them when I know it’s for real.”
Ruki felt his heart starting to beat faster and he wasn’t used to that feeling,
”Give me a chance Ruki… Give us a chance.”
Ruki looked at the drummer and nodded with a smile on his lips,
”I would love to.”
Kai moved higher up to reach his lips, but Ruki stopped him,
”Ahh… don’t move!”
Kai tilted his head to the side,
”You’re still inside me!” Ruki said while blushing
Kai smiled and started moving his hips slowly,
”Do you mean this?”
Ruki’s face was bright red, and he pressed his legs on either side of Kai’s hip to make him stop,
”Don’t do that.”
Kai smiled and moved his hips lazily,
”I will stop if you say it.”
”Say what?” Ruki asked annoyed,
”You know what I mean.”
”No I don’t.”
”To bad then…” Kai was moving a bit faster.
Ruki bit his lip and groaned,
”Okay! Fine! I love you! I fucking love you!” Ruki screamed and Kai stopped and smiled, kissing the singer lovingly on the lips.
”You want to go and sleep?” Kai asked and kissed his cheek,
”Yeah... I’m a bit tired.”
With Kai’s help they stood up from the couch, Ruki looked at the cake that stood on the table,
”The cake is ruined.”
”Don’t worry dear, we still have the rest of it in the kitchen.”
”Dear? This will take a while for me to get used to.” Ruki said and laughed softly.
Kai took Ruki’s hand in his and held it close,
”Maybe we need to take a shower first so we are clean for tomorrow?”
”What’s so important about tomorrow?”
”It’s Valentine’s and we have each other to celebrate it with.”
Ruki smiled at his new lover and kissed him deeply; then dragging him to the shower so they could get some rest and he could have someone to cuddle with, because tomorrow he will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kai.
His lover.

Black moral

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Every jrocker has a secret
Titel: Every J-rocker has a secret
Author: Emmzidance
Chapter: 3
Genre: Drama Romance Smut
Rating: NC: 17
Warnings: Nothing at the moment
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Summary: Every Jrocker have a secret right?
Reita has one and he wants it that way, but what happen when Ruki is suspicion?
And when Reita is staring to realize that he has feelings for the vocalist?
Comments:This is my first Gazette fanfiction so please support me *bow*
And remember I am not responsible for what Reita is reading


“I‘m sorry I‘m late” Reita shouted when he came in to the room with an excusing smile on his face.

Kai stood up and stared at him while pointing a finger at their bassist.


Reita smiled at their leader.


“How could you make us wait this long for you?! We have work to do!”

“Take it easy Kai…”

“Don‘t tell me what to-” their drummer got cut off by a hand on his shoulder and
looked back to see their vocalist.

”Calm down Kai, he is here now and we can start practice, okay?”

Kai looked back and forth between the bassist and vocalist and then nodded his head.

“Yeah we better start of now if we wants to get the album done in time” Kai said and walked back to his drum set.

Reita smiled to Ruki and reserved a nod back and they all started working with one of the song for their new album.

Aoi and Uruha sat in a room and talked about the solo part and Kai was in a own room playing his drums while Ruki and Reita sat on the couch in another room.
Reita was sitting on the end of the couch and playing on his bass while Ruki was
sitting on the other end and writing in his notebook.

All you could hear in the room was the playing of the bas and the pen that was
touching the paper.

After a while Reita heard a groan to his left and looked up to see Ruki rubbing his eyes with the notebook in his lap.

“This is not working… it just don’t” the vocalist mumbled and dragged his hands through his hair and stretched his body out on the couch and ended up resting his fetes on the bassist lap.

“C‘mon Ruki… I‘m trying to work here” Reita whined trying to get the vocalist fetes off his lap and at the same time trying to avoid how right it felt to have their singer close to him, even if it was a small bit.

“You can work in a minute or else you can get up from the couch because I need my sleep” Ruki said while he put his arm over his eyes trying to block out the light.
Reita groaned and closed his eyes, feeling a bit sleepy after the few hours of sleep last night.

The seconds turned in to minutes while they where just laying in the couch and Reita could hear the singers steady breathing.

In some way it made him calm.

“Was that really just fan letters?” Ruki asked breaking the silence.


Ruki opened his eyes and looked over at Reita with an raised eyebrow.

“Why would they write something like the word fanfiction in it?”

Was it just Reita or was the room starting to get cold?

“I don‘t know… I didn’t read all of them”

“And 17?”

“What do you mean?”

“It said something about nc 17”

“I guess it was her age” Reita was starting to get nervous of all the questions Ruki was throwing to him.

“Did you read my mail from the fans Ruki?” Reita said annoyed but at the same time trying to hide the fear in his voice.

What if Ruki hade read most of it and already knew that Reita was a sick pervert and was only testing him now?

“I‘m not interested… I have my own you know”

Reita groaned and rolled his eyes.

“You never change do you?”

“I know you like it” Ruki said in a playful voice that made Reita shiver.

“I do not”

“You love it ”

“In your dreams”

“You wish!”

Ruki said smiling and made Reita laugh, this was a normal thing for them to say to
each other, it have been like that for many years.

“Shouldn’t you write?”

“Shouldn’t you work?”

“Do you know how annoying you are?” Reita moaned

“I‘m sorry what did you call me?”

“I said do you--”

“Guys! Are you working in here?” Kai asked when he opened the door the room.

“Because I can hear you when I‘m passing by you know”

”Well if Reita wasn’t an asshole maybe I could work!” Ruki whined dramatic.


”Look he is already yelling at me! Kai make him stop”

”You little…” Reita glared at their vocalist.

Kai was just standing in the doorway and watched them like the mother watching her kids fighting.


”Oh… you so didn’t say that!” Ruki said while pointing his pen at him.

”But I just did!” Reita grinned.

Ruki just watched him and crossed his arms over his chest with the pen still in his hand.

”Do you want to work overtime?”

”You wouldn’t dare…”

”Try me!”

Reita smiled.

”How would you want me to try you?”

Ruki just looked at Reita and then the room was filled with laugher from the vocalist

Water was running down their bodies that was mixed with the moans that was falling from the vocalist lips.

The water had already gone cold and it made Ruki’s lips tremble against Reita’s own
and their bodies where pressed close together in an attempt to keep the heat.

”R-Reita... We can’t… this is wrong” Ruki whimpered against Reita’s lips with closed eyes.

”You know you like it”

”But its wrong…”

”Then why are you standing in the shower with me?” Reita asked with his hands on either side of the vocalist head.

Ruki lowered his eyes while trying to hide his blush.

”Shut up”

Reita smiled and titled the vocalist head up and kissed him deeply.

Ruki closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around bassist holding him close.

The kiss turned more aggressive after a minute and it didn’t take long before they
where rubbing their hips against each other.

Ruki couldn’t help but moan when he felt something wet slid up and down his neck, it would surly leave a mark but he didn’t give a damn at this moment.

The vocalist gasped when he felt a hand slip over his ass and he could feel the bassist smiling against his neck.

”You like that, don’t you?” Reita whispered and started to bite softly against the pure white skin.

All Ruki could do was to moan and rest his head against the strong chest of the other man.

”You are so beautiful Ruki”

The vocalist couldn’t help but smile and closed his eyes but after a moment his eyes flew open and another gasp was leaving his lips when he felt a finger slid in him.

Well… he didn’t expect that.

He was hiding his face in the bassist neck and started to breath heavily.

Whatever Reita was doing so was he doing a damn good job and he was not going to stop him, he was new to this but he was already liking it.

Reita was tracing slow kisses up to his ears and stroking the vocalist hair softly.

After a while so did he add another finger and Ruki was groaning, he could feel a little bit of pain and was trying to get out of the hold but Reita was holding him close to
him, stroking his hair and kissing his cheek in a try to comfort him.

”It hurts..” Ruki whined and bite his lip with closed eyes.

”Shh.. It will be okay..”

”Of course you are saying that… its not you who has a fing- ahh!” Ruki was interrupted when he feel the third finger, and hell it hurts!


”Just relax”

Ruki was holding harder in to him and moaning against the bassist neck while the fingers was working its way in and out of his body.

After a few minuets the vocalist was painting and moving his hips against the fingers.
It felt good.

The fingers where working much faster now and Ruki couldn’t help but moan.

The water was helping to cool off his body and working as lube.

”Reita… I love you”

Reita groaned and threw the phone on the end of the bed.

After the mistake in the morning when Ruki had walking in on him, so didn’t he want to take any more chances.

And he knew it was no good idea to read about this when everyone was in the same house but he couldn’t help it.

And just when he was thinking about it so did the door to his room open to see Ruki standing there.

”Kai is done with the dinner ”

”I feel like a little boy now!” Reita said and laughed softly.

”Sure you do” Ruki smiled and left the room.

When Reita was walking in to the kitchen so did he see Kai standing in front of the oven with Uruha by his side, Aoi was sitting on a chair beside the table and Ruki on
the other with the notebook in his hands, writing.

”Even if I love to cook food so can’t I help but feel like a mother to you guys” Kai laughed.

”But we love you for it” Uruha said whit a smile and crossed his arms over his chest.
And Reita was sure he could see a blush on the drummers cheeks but let it go and sat
down beside Ruki.

”What are you writing?”

Ruki looked up and was staring at him like he had grown two heads.



”Stupid questions gets stupid answers” Ruki said and rolled his eyes.

”I wouldn’t be surprised if you wrote that”

Ruki glared at him and hit him in the head with the notebook.



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Every J-rocker has a secret
Titel: Every J-rocker has a secret
Author: Emmzidance
Chapter: 2
Genre: Drama Romance Smut Angst?
Rating: NC: 17
Warnings: Nothing at the moment
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Summary: Every Jrocker have a secret right?
Reita has one and he wants it that way, but what happen when Ruki is suspicion?
And when Reita is staring to realize that he has feelings for the vocalist?
Comments:This is my first Gazette fanfiction so please support me *bow*
And remember I am not responsible for what Reita is reading


When Reita stepped out of the shower he tied a towel around his waist and started walking to his bedroom to change, but he stopped in the hall when he saw the clock and sighed in despair as he pulled his hand through his damped hair.

"Kai is going to kill me..." mumbled Reita for himself as he hurried into his bedroom.

Ruki was half lying on the couch in the room and watched their leader who went around the room back and forth while he swore to himself that their bassist had not arrived when they should have started that was twenty-five minutes ago.

Kai was as their father for them , he would always listen to their problems and take care of them.

Ruki can still remember when he was having a cold and stayed home so that he could come back as soon as possible.
Ruki was starting to fall asleep when he heard someone knock on the door but he didn't have the energy to go and open it so he ignored it but after a while he could hear that someone had opened the door to his apartment and it was only Kai who had an extra key to everyone's apartment in their band as a safety thing.

When Ruki had gone out into the hall he saw Kai standing in the kitchen and was about to cook soap, when Kai saw Ruki he smiled towards their singer and told him to go to bed while he was in the kitchen.

For Kai it was an obvious thing to go into their apartments when someone in the band was feeling sick or down and it irritated Ruki that he couldn’t be alone when he is sick but at the same time he was very grateful that he had Kai that looked after him.

It was like having a mother who was worried about their kids.

Ruki smiled every time he looked back on it.

"Ruki what is it with that smile on your face?" laughed Aoi.

Ruki opened his eyes that he hadn't noticed that he had closed and saw Kai who was watching puzzled at him a few meters away.

"Hmm... nothing special .. I was just thinking" Ruki mumbled as he sat up on the couch and leaned back.

"In that case, I think you should think a little more often" Aoi said which caused Uruha to laughed and hit him on the shoulder.

"Don't be mean to him!"

"Okay okay I’m sorry "laughed Aoi and raised his hands in defense.

Ruki smiled and shook his head and watched their leader who continued to walk around the room and talked to himself.

’Kai you are stressing yourself too much’ Ruki thought to himself while his eyes followed Kai's every move.

Maybe he should get himself a girlfriend ... but he wouldn't have time for it either so it would only stress him more.

Ruki thought and shut his eyes and took a deep breath, he had no time or energy to think about that problem right now... he knew that he sounds selfish but he had trouble sleeping last night and wanted nothing else then to just get done with practice and go home.

Then the thoughts come back to Reita and that fanfiction which he had read this morning.

Ruki haven’t asked his band mates if they knew what fanfiction stood for... maybe he could ask later...but it sounded familiar to him.

"Where the hell is he?" groaned Kai who had gone to his drum set and sat on his chair.

"Wow~ Kai take it easy..." Uruha said a little worried.

It wasn't often Kai swore, he did it just to when he was very annoyed or angry ... every mother gets worried, right?

"Take it easy Kai, I'll call him and ask where he is," Ruki said while he took his mobile phone from his bag that was lying beside the couch on the floor.

"Why didn’t you get the idea to call him, Kai?" Aoi said and raised an eye brow and put his arms crossed.

Kai rolled his eyes while he put his head on his drums and closed his eyes trying to calm down.

Kai must have a tough day... Uruha thought to himself while he watched worried at their drummer.

Reita had just dried his hair and stood in the hallway and tried to get his shoes on when he heard his mobile phone ring,

Reita took out his phone from his pocket and breathed out when he saw that it was Ruki.

"Moshi Moshi"

"Where the hell are you Reita?"

"I'm on the way I did just take my shoes on"

"Fuck Reita ... seriously?" Ruki groaned on the other side of the line that caused Reita to get goose skin when he thought back to what he read about this morning, he really didn't want to take a shower again…

"Reita?" Asked Ruki bit annoying that caused Reita to push the thought away quickly.


"I asked when will you be here?"

"Hmm... maybe fifteen?"

Ruki didn't have the opportunity to say something to their bassist when Kai snatch the phone out of nowhere and left a confused Ruki behind.

"Where the bloody hell are you?" Kai screamed into the phone that caused Reita to remove the phone from his ear.

"Chill man .." Reita said trying to calm down their drummer.

"Don’t tell me to calm down! You are more than a half hour late!" yelled Kai.

"I'm sorry I took a shower"

"A shower?! Didn't you take a shower before yesterday?" Asked Kai annoying.

"Yeah... I did..."

"Then why did you take- forget it... just get your ass down here right now!"
Kai shouted and hung up.

Reita closed his phone and took a deep breath.
There will be a long day Reita thought to himself as he walked out of the apartment.

Kai closed the phone and gave it back to Ruki who glared at him and sat down on the couch next to him and massaged his forehead while he shut his eyes in an attempt to calm down.

Uruha still looked worried at their drummer and stood up after a while and went over to the couch and put his hands on Kai's shoulders and started rubbing gently.

Kai began to relax his shoulders and leaned against his hands with his eyes closed.

Ruki watched when Uruhas hands began to work further down Kai's spine, his eyes followed Uruhas movements and he could see that Kai was becoming calmer of it.

Kai had to take a pause he took to much responsibility then he could manage.

Uruha could feel the muscles slowly began to relax under his hands and he began massaging further down the spine.

Kai took a deep breath and leaned a bit forward so that his hands could reach better, Uruhas heart began to rise when he saw their leader's skin that appeared slightly when the T-shirt went up as his hands began to push a little harder.

Uruha didn't understand what he was reacting to.

He had seen when Kai had changed several times in the changing room together so he didn't understand what it was that made him more nervous.

Without him knowing about it so did his hands come up under Kai's T- shirt and dragged his nails soft across his skin which made their leader moan softly by the contact that caused the guitarist to blushed slightly of the respond.

Uruha pulled his fingers higher up on Kai's back and slowly pulled down again.

Uruha felt that he could keep doing this longer than it was necessary, but his thoughts were interrupted by the door that slammed up after some minutes.


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Fanfiction help/user help


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User name: Chantrea Johari

Fanfiction: Disordered Living

Sequel: Clandestine

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Alice Nine Heart Of Gold




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